Gokul Village and The Magic Fountain is the first book in the Gokul! adventures series of books for children ages 3-6. In every story, with the help of Friendship Fountain, six friends travel the world, explore and celebrate the festivals and cultures of faith traditions, forge friendships for life, and save the day!

The joy of teamwork, friendship and curiosity about the world are at the heart of every Gokul! story.

In this beautifully illustrated first book, learn how Gokul's fountain discovered its magic and how its magic transforms the lives of the children of Gokul Village. Join six friends - Riya, Dalai, Noelle, Christopher, Zoya, and Jacob, as they work together to restore their beloved fountain and save the day for their annual village New Year's celebration. Each friend brings a unique talent to the team and in working together, they realize that the fountain, too, has a very special gift to give in return. Find out how six friends set in motion a world of amazing adventures.